Message from the director
In the history of Mongolian development, the School of Foreign Languages’ origin date back to 1978, when it was founded as the Russian Language Department at Polytechnic Institute, teaching the Russian language to highly educated engineers and technicians. 
I am honored to welcome all predecessor faculty representatives who laid the cornerstone of the school, faculty and staff who work hard, and all the graduates and students!
Initially, our school taught foreign languages only to engineering students but today we became an Education Research Institute that has trained more than 1300 bachelor, master, and doctorate specialists. Currently, the School of Foreign Languages is training Technical Translators in Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages meeting demand and requirements in today’s era. 
The School of Foreign Languages ​​has a great role in fulfilling the mission and vision of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and our professors and lecturers are responsible for developing cooperation with the best universities in the world and in the region, developing and implementing co-research, study and training programs, and projects. In order to increase the competitiveness of MUST graduates in the domestic and international labor market, we strive to provide our students with quality education in their native language and foreign languages.
I am delighted to note that the we have expanded and modernized, becoming a School of Foreign Languages that has over 80 professors and lecturers including an academician, 2 doctors of sciences, more than 20 doctors of linguistics and education, a sector of Applied Linguistics, Departments of Asian studies, Department of English, and English Academy, internationally recognized, fully accredited by…., and a Russian language training and research center.
Our team has set a great goal to become a National Research Center for foreign language education based on applied linguistics, terminology, computer and linguistics, and information technology   by improving the efficiency research.
I wish you good health and prosperity!
Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor Ts.Enkhbaatar