Department of Asian Studies


The mission of the Department Asian Studies is to promote understanding and engagement with the diverse cultures, languages, and societies of Asia through rigorous academic inquiry, interdisciplinary research, and community engagement. Additionally, the Department of Asian Studies aims to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of technical translation and linguistics at the undergraduate level. The department designs a curriculum that adheres to global standards and offers Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Mongolian language classes as part of joint programs among affiliated schools.


Faculty & Staff

Department lecturers have undergone retraining programs in various countries, including Japan, China, Russia, and Korea, aimed at enhancing their language proficiency and professional skills.

Teaching staff offer fundamental knowledge of general and applied linguistics, translation theory and terminology in science and technology including: mining, geology, power engineering, architecture, information technology, mechanics, food and biotechnology and etc.

Research Focus

The research priorities of our department focus on applied linguistic fields such as terminology, translation, contrastive linguistics, second language acquisition and methodology. 

Majors: Teaching & Learning

Our department offers bachelor degree programs in the field of technical translation and linguistics in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.




Undergraduate programs

Foreign Language Translation (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Preparatory program

 (Chinese, Korean language)

Preparatory program

(Mongolian language for Foreign Students)