Program name:   Linguistics


Program Length

                          Total credits

3 жил



The purpose of the program:  

The purpose of the program is to deepen theoretical knowledge in the field of linguistics, to write research papers on specific topics, and to prepare creative researchers who can make a real and tangible contribution to the field.

Academic knowledge

  • To provide the theoretical and methodological knowledge of applied linguistics, professional terminology, translation and computational linguistics

Research skills

  • Apply research techniques
  • Analyze the research-based scholars and literature review from critical perspective
  • Analyze and critique the research-based papers and literature
  • Publish research work to the public and implement the research projects
  • Acquire academic writing skills to publish articles in international and national journals

Required documents

  • Identity card
  • Original Bachelor and Master’s Degree diploma with certified copy
  • 3 х 4 photos
  • Admission fee

Admission exam:

  • English or Russian language proficiency examination.
  • Professional interview: When you come to the professional interview, you should write at least 5 pages of essays about the content and research propsal.


Contact: Head, Department of Applied Linguistics. Associate Professor (Dr) Ts.Tsetsegmaa,




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